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Clearing our rack space for a fresh winter harvest approaching! Only

8 lbs available left. Selling by the full lb.This crop was Harvested July 2022 and was dryed and cured properly so it is still very green and is stored in Sealed Food Safe Storage Containers with 62% Humidity packs to maintain freshness and lock in the terpenes. This is great for the bargin hunters who like a mild buzz, pinewalker is a hybrid but this is a great day smoke as it has a sativa leaning effect. Perfect for your home cooking, this when decarbed properly will make a very potent and tasty canna-butter or canna-oil which is excellent for cookies, brownies, mac and cheese , buttered toast, and much more.

Pinewalker KushTrim/C-grade smalls/shake 1 lb!!!

$300.00 一般價格
增值税  未含
    • Effects: Relaxed/Joyful/Soothing
    • Flavor: Sour Pine/Mild Cheese
    • Type: Hybrid
    • Usage: Any Time 
    • Smoke, Cook, or Infuse
    • Organically Grown by Florida Cannabis Supply Farms