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Fresh From Florida Cannabis Supply Farms! Enjoy the happy, creative vibe and decadent flavor of Sativa Lifter flower crossed with a Indica Wedding Cake which will give you plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Wedding Cake was originally crafted in California, where expert breeders crossed tart and delicious Cherry Pie with the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. Wedding Cake features dense, forest-green buds with pink and purple accents, earning the hybrid the nickname “Pink Cookies.”

A thick coating of terpene-rich crystals smothers Wedding Cake nugs like vanilla icing. The strain’s plump trichomes explode with high concentrations of myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. The overall taste and fragrance feature a solid earthy base and a classic citrus aroma. Berry notes mixed with hints of lemon zest create a distinct sweet-and-sour flavor on the exhale. Florida Cannabis Supply has captured the taste and fragrance of this popular genetic and crossed it with our very popular Lifter genetic! 

FCS Lifted Cake is indica-leaning with a 60:40 indica-to-sativa ratio. While the original Wedding Cake is famous for promoting couch-lock, our hybrid version has the same effects with an added euphoric feeling that draws out the inspirational artist and creative problem solver for many people. 

Lifted Cake

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